GVS acquires filter product business of Graphic Controls

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The acquisition, carried out by GVS Mexico, will strengthen the Group's presence in the Life Sciences industry

GVS Filter Technology de Mexico, based in Monterrey (Mexico) and part of GVS Group, has acquired the syringe filter product business from Graphic Controls Acquisition Corp. The acquisition includes products, currently manufactured in Buffalo, New York, and marketed under DIAFIL brand. Immediately after the transaction, manufacturing will be moved to the GVS Mexico’s location.

The acquisition is part of GVS’s strategy aimed at strengthening the Group’s presence in the Life Sciences business, enlarging its product range and consequently accessing new customers. “The acquisition represents our continued global growth strategy focus in the Life Sciences market. Together with our existing lines, Abluo and Cameo, the DIAFIL business will allow GVS Group to enlarge our products portfolio for syringe filters. We look forward to serving the Graphic Controls customers who purchase the DIAFIL filters.” said Massimo Scagliarini, GVS CEO.

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