Plasma Virus Inactivation devices

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One of the main targets of blood transfusion safety is to avoid the Transfusion-transmitted infections (TTIs), which are infections resulting from the introduction of a pathogen into a patient through blood transfusion.

Several strategies are applied step-by-step to ensure that the blood components are safe from pathogens before their transfusions. The virus inactivation treatment of blood components is a viral inactivation technology that can be applied through a blood bank process so to avoid the risk of TTIs.

The GVS Healthcare Division offers several solutions for medical applications, including filtration devices intended for blood banks.

One of the most reviewed viral inactivation technologies in literature, through the synergy effect of light and chemical photosynthetizer, is the Plasma virus inactivation treatment using Methylene Blue (MB) as photosyntetizer. It has been widely applied by health institutions in several counties against several kind of viruses producing the TTIs (HIV, HCV, HBV, JEV, Dengue, Nipha, Chikungunya, Zika, CHHF, etc.) for a long time.  

Moreover, the plasma virus inactivation with MB as a photosyntetizer has been FDA approved in the later 2020 year as a process step for the production of Plasma Hyperimmune (named Convalescent Plasma also) used as Covid-19 intensive therapy for critical patients affected by Sars-CoV-2.

GVS offers solutions for the blood banks which are performing the Plasma Virus Inactivation MB’s protocols by means of dedicated filter sets equipped with the pre-dosed MB’s dispenser, intended for different standard volume of plasma units (mean standard volume 200 ml, 150 ml, 100 ml): the sets are easy-to-use for application of methylene blue photochemical method in blood-bank, guaranteeing safe processes and high quality plasma therapeutic-units viruses inactivated.

The GVS’s MB filter sets are ETO sterile medical devices featured easy to use for Plasma Viruses Inactivation processes performed in the Blood Bank: the target is productions of high quality inactivated plasma (plasma safe) through simple way and saving time.

 Advantages of GVS’s MB Plasma Virus Inactivation filter set compared with similar products:  

  • the device is suitable both for spike connection to bag port or for sterile connection by means of the machine;
  •  the release of methylene blue doesn’t need to be pre-soaked for 1 minute, this allows to save time in the process;
  • the filter has smaller pore size membrane, the MB retention during the filtration is excellent;
  • the set is equipped with by-pass tube for air exhausting from the filtered plasma bag (transfer bag) allowing high quality therapeutic unit of viruses inactivated plasma, without air before its storage.  

GVS’s specialists actively supports the work of blood-bank’s operators and makes every effort to ensure the blood’s safety.


Gang Chen, Sales, GVS China

Ferruccio Guerrini, Product Manager, GVS Italy

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