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Syringeless Filters

It’s GVS Life Sciences Chatter Box Series

Let's go SINGLE


Filtration is an essential step in sample preparation and is often timeconsuming and labor intensive. SEPARA’s syringeless filters arechanging this by enabling and empowering you to save time andmoney on sample preparation through its single step filtering process.
The “SINGLE” process is a rapid sample preparation technique that canbe done by anyone with minimal training. It has been designed to helpsave time and cost, as well as the environment. It eliminates the needfor expensive equipment, expensive consumables and a lot of trainingto operate them. SEPARA syringeless filters are straight forward andeasy to use.
In this way, you can prepare samples for your analysis quickly andeasily using just one step – filtering with a plunger in the vial.

Get to Know SEPARA

B Y D R . F L A M E

SEPARA is a membrane filter that is ready to use after filtration and does not require any additional steps for filling. The SEPARA membrane filters are available in five different material types, namely PTFE, RC, NY, PVDF and PES. The two pore sizes available are 0.2 μm and 0.45 μm. The SEPARA membrane filters can be used to replace syringes or syringe-filter combinations while also reducing the amount of waste generated by the process of sample preparation. in any samples preparation process, particularly the HPLC samples prefiltration.

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... and its buddy

Separa Toggler 120 is a manually operated multi vial compressor. It has been designed to complement the SEPARA vials, streamlining syringeless filtration. SEPARA syringeless filter vials can be loaded directly into the autosampler, promoting fast and cost-effective filtering process. This unit is maintenance free and does not need any external power supply.

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