Filter Tubular Darah Hemodialisis

Mesh and Tubular filters manufactured by GVS are especially dedicated to the transfusion market but they can easily meet the requirements of many other different applications.

Yang paling penting adalah:
– blood filters for transfusion drip chambers
– blood filters for hemodialysis drip chambers
– high volume liquid filters for general purpose applications

Rincian Produk

Properti Thanks to the wide choice of sizes and wide variety of materials and media used, GVS tubular filters are compatible with most existing or new devices. Available mesh sizes are from 1 to 500 µm as well as membranes are available from 0.2µm to 5µm.
GVS mesh and tubular filters are manufactured according to ISO1135 standard.
They are manufactured following the ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards, in class 100.000 cleanrooms with medical grade materials (plastics and mesh/membrane), and pass USP plastics class VI and ISO10993 tests for biocompatibility (standard for external communicating device – blood path indirect – prolonged contact duration).
They have low extractable levels and wide drug compatibility.
They are non-pyrogenic (<0.25 EU/ml) using the LAL test method, and they are latex free, PVC free and free of animal origin substances
Efisiensi filtrasi: 98%
Pirogenitas: <0,25 Eu/ml
Suhu Operasi Maksimum: 50 °C
Ukuran/ SKU/ Kode Barang FI089AAKUN040A00 Tubular Filter FI89, Clear PA6, Mesh PA6.6 40µm
FI110PPNY200 Tubular Filter FI110, Clear PP, Mesh PP 200µm
FI110PPNY263 Tubular Filter FI110, Clear PP, Mesh PA6.6 263µm
FI116ATERP265A00 Tubular Filter FI116, Clear ABS, Mesh PE 265µm
FI116AV29N170A00 Tubular Filter FI116, Clear PP, Mesh PA6.6 170µm
FI118APURP200A00 Tubular Filter FI118, Clear PE, Mesh PE 200µm
FI118ATEKP150B00 Tubular Filter FI118, White ABS, Mesh PE 150µm
FI118TERNY263 Tubular Filter FI118, Clear ABS, Mesh PA6.6 263µm
FI157ATEKN263B01 Tubular Filter FI157, White ABS, Mesh PA6.6 263µm
FI158TERNY200 Tubular Filter FI158, Clear ABS, Mesh PA6.6 200µm
FI231ACOLP200A00 Tubular Filter FI231, Clear PVC soft DEHPC – free, Mesh PE 200µm
FI231PVCPE200 Tubular Filter FI231, Clear PVC, Mesh PE 200µm
FI83ABSPE150 Tubular Filter FI83, White ABS, Mesh PE 150µm
FI89TERNY200 Tubular Filter FI89, Clear ABS, Mesh PA6.6 200µm
FI89TERNY300 Tubular Filter FI89, Clear ABS, Mesh PA6.6 300µm


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