membran CA

GVS Cellulose Acetate (CA) Filtration Membrane is a supported, hydrophilic membrane that is naturally low binding.

Available in 25mm and 30mm.

It is ideal for use in filtration applications where maximal recovery of protein is critical.

Rincian Produk

Properti GVS CA Filtration membranes are composed of pure cellulose acetate that is internally supported by an inert polyester web. This web gives each membrane exceptional strength to prevent cracking, tearing, breaking and distortion when handled or creased.
The resulting membrane has dimensional stability that can withstand autoclaving or steam sterilizing leaving the membrane unaffected in temperatures up to 274ºF (135ºC).
The exceptional dimensional strength and low binding characteristics of GVS CA Filtration Membranes provides higher throughputs than competitive offerings and reduces the amount of filter changes needed during proteinaceous solution filtering.
Ciri Superior strength: can withstand aggressive handling or be used with automated equipment without breaking or tearing
Low extractables: ensures tests will be clean with consistent results
Hydrophilic: wets out rapidly.
Lot-to-lot consistency: quality checks ensure consistent flow and diffusion rates for dependable results every time
Nonlysing of cells: prevents contamination of critical solutions
Pore Size Range: 0.1μm to 20μm
Aplikasi Sterilisasi cairan biologis
Cold sterilization
Filtrasi protein dan enzim
Tissue culture media sterilization
Ukuran/ SKU/ Kode Barang 1212374 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1212375 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1212517 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1212620  Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1212648  Filter, Disk, CA, 5.0µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1212846 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1212942  Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65,47mm, 100/PK

1213037 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1213124 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22µm, 25mm,100/PK

1213305 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1213316 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8µm, 293mm 25/PK

1213358  Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213804 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213805 Filter, Disk, CA, 1.2µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213958 Filter, Disk, CA, 1.2µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1214038 Filter, Disk, CA, 1.2µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1214357 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1214370 Filter, Disk, CA, 5.0µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1214411 Filter, Disk, CA, 5.0µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1215074 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1215427 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1215533 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1215635 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1215676 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1221546 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 102mm, 25/PK

1221730 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22µm, 50mm, 100/PK

1224211 Filter, Roll, CA, 0.22µm, 30cm X 3m 1/PK

1240382 Filter, Roll, CA, 0.45µm, 30cm X 3m 1/PK

3034974 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8µm, 20x20cm, 5/PK

3034975 Filter, Roll, CA, 0.8µm, 30cm X 3m 1/PK

3041202 Filter, Roll, CA, 1.2µm, 30cm X 3m 1/PK

3049247 Filter, Roll, CA, 5.0µm, SP,30cm X 3m 1/PK

3052874 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45µm, 50mm, 100/PK

3061196 Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65µm, 20x20cm, 5/PK

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