Filter Transmisi E-Axle

The E-Axle combines an Electric Motor, the Gearbox, and the Power Electronics in an single unit; it offer less weight, less space and significant efficiency improvements.

The e-Axle can be adapted in the different vehicle classes (passenger cars, sports cars, compact or commercial vehicles) thanks to the easy scalability of the system; it will certainly play a key role in the time and costs reduction of the next generation vehicles developments.

Composite structure : Fluorinated polymer reinforced with PET
Highly Customizable : It is compatible with different types of electrolytes, anode and cathode materials
High safety : It guarantees the thermal runaway

Rincian Produk

Properti  The system protection and reliability is ensured by a common Oil circuit for Lubrification and Cooling, designed to be compact and efficient as the whole system.
Following the same concepts, GVS offer specially shaped and customized filtration solutions integrated on the Pump suction side, saving space and reducing the Pump Drive power (lower Pressure Drop) in a larger Filtration Area, together with the protection filters required in the fluid circuit .
We also provide the full range of air and waterproof ventilation systems required for the electronic side and mechatronics in order to compensate the thermal impact and to minimize risk of sealing leak in the system.
Karakteristik  Advantages : Reduced space and high efficiency
Reliability :
Along the life-cycle
Available upon request :
Scalable and customize solutions 
Aplikasi  E-mobility
Kendaraan Hibrida
Fuel Cell


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