Pemegang Filter

GVS offers a selection of filtration holders and apparatus that are designed to ensure precise filtration work with GVS membranes.

In most applications, the filter holder is just as important as the filter for accurate results every time.

Filter holders are available for a wide variety of applications including air analysis, chemotaxis, tissue culturing and general aqueous and solvent filtration.

Available products are 13, 25, and 47mm.

Rincian Produk

Properti The GVS filter holder is designed especially for ultra cleaning and sterilizing liquids under positive pressure.
In addition, this holder can be used for aseptic sampling of liquids or gases at point-of-use or when samples must be collected and processed on-site.
The polypropylene material allows these holders to be used over a wide temperature range with excellent chemical compatibility.
It can withstand temperatures up to 121°C and be autoclaved.
Sealing is achieved by simple hand tightening of the locking ring.
The In-Line holder has dual support screens, which allow for flow in either direction.
The inlet cap design and exterior locking ring allow the unit to be assembled quickly and efficiently without tearing the membrane.
3 O-rings help to prevent leaks with all membranes.
In the case of the syringe, the inlet cap locks into the base to prevent twisting damage to the membrane as the cap is tightened in case back pressure is applied.
It also allows for bi-directional sample flow.
The Swinney 13mm filter holder is optimized for small volume (1-5ml) particulate removal from fluids dispensed with a syringe.
The 25mm is used to filter up to 50mL of sample.
The 47mm can filter up to 1 liter depending upon the viscosity of the sample.
Karakteristik Compatibility excellent chemical compatibility
Quick and efficient assembly no need for special tools
Resistance excellent temperature and chemical resistance
For serial filtration several syringe holders can be attached together
Easy to clean and use unique lock ring design assures proper sealing without damage to the membrane
Conforms with EPA Method 1311 for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure 40 CFR, Part 261, 1991 Hazardous Waste Compliance Guide
Analysis of Biological and Organic Fluids
Analisis bahan bakar nabati
Gas chromatography samples
Ukuran/ SKU/ Kode Barang 1220950 Filter Holder, Swinney, 13 mm diameter 5/PK Filter Holder

1214250 Filter Holder Polypropylene: 25 mm diameter 10/PK Filter Holder

1214526 Filter Holder Polypropylene Support Screen: 25 mm 10/PK Filter Holder

1262579 Filter Holder Polypropylene: 47 mm 1/PK Filter Holder

1214260 Filter Holder Polypropylene: 47 mm 10/PK Filter Holder


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