Isolator Monitor Tekanan

GVS has a full range of transducer protector products which incorporate either highly hydrophobic PTFE or hydrophobic acrylic membranes.

The wide range of available media (PTFE or acrylic membranes) provides high flexibility and covers almost any requirement of the market.

Because of our wide choice of shapes (Flat TP, TP “”bell”” shape, and TP “”dome””) and the very different types of materials and media used, the GVS transducer protector line is suitable in any blood line or other medical device.

Rincian Produk

GVS transducer protectors are manufactured with fully automated assembly technology and the sealing is done without any glues or solvents – they are ultrasonically welded.
Automatic testing machines keep the manufacturing process consistent and guarantee superior quality.
Ref. Standar: ISO 1135-4
<0,25 EU/ml
Assembly Method:
Open heart surgery
Ukuran/ SKU/ Kode Barang TP010AAT0000AA00 TP10 Isolator / 1 Inlet and 1 Outlet
TP010ARA0000AA00 TP10 Isolator PVC DEHP Free / 1 Inlet and 1 Outlet


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