Sistem Urea SCR

GVS utilized its vast expertise in injection technology for the fuel system to apply to the application of injector filters in the SCR system.

Common to both systems, in the SCR there are injector nozzles used to spray the Dosing Fluid into the exhaust stream.

Without fluid filters the nozzle may become clogged with debris. The SCR injector filter is designed to remove this debris before the dosing fluid flows to the nozzle.

GVS is also specialized in SCR Pump Filters.

With our wide range of media efficiency from 10mic to 70mic, GVS filters protect the DEF/Urea dosing pump with a low pressure drop and a high dust holding capacity, allowing an unlimited number of freezing-thawing cycles.

Rincian Produk

Properti  Cylindrical or pleated filter solutions for UREA dosing/supply unit
Preliminary filter for Dosing pump inlet
Fine filters for Urea Injection nozzle
Ventilation membranes for control unit
Ventilation membrane for Urea tank unit
Overmolded pump filters for SCR/DEF/Denox systems
Karakteristik  Shape and size customizable : To maximize wicking and dust capacity
Bent Filters : For maximum area usage
Molded-In Systems interfaces snap, anti rotation, wiper lips, retention, tabs
Typical Plastic used : POM and Nylon 6
Typical Media used : Nylon PA6/PA66 and Gradient Density Depth Media for maximum performance in a compact filter
Reduced system components : Housing and pressure vessels
Aplikasi  SCR Filtration
UREA Filtration


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