Ventilasi SNAP-FIT

GVS Snap-Fit Vents protect electrical and electronic modules against contaminants and road conditions while allowing the air to pass through the filter in order to equalize the pressure between the internal and external environment.

GVS Snap-Fit Vents prevent the entry of water, mud, particles, dust, salts, and other vehicle fluids and improve the durability and performance of the inner electronic components.

Rincian Produk

Properti  Hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes;
Standard and High-Temperature resistance series available;
Protection against water, dust, and other automotive fluids;
Different IP rating degrees of protection.
Karakteristik  Filter material : Vent body made of PBT
O-ring material : EPDM or Silicone depending on the opearating temperature resistance range
Tingkat fleksibilitas yang tinggi: Ready to be used and quick to be assembled
Easy installation : Integration into existing equipment without additional parts needed
Aplikasi  All types of Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
Sensor dan Aktuator
Converters and Inverters
Battery Packs and Fuel Cells
Starter Motors and Electronic Pumps
Lighting Systems


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