Pelat dan Poros Throttle

Investing heavily in new technologies, GVS has become a leading firm worldwide for high-precision mechanical processing with large and very large volumes (1-100 million pcs) in the manufacturing of valves, shafts and throttle bodies in aluminium, brass, special alloys and plastics.

Regulating the air/fuel mix by increasing or decreasing the volume of incoming air, throttle body system butterfly valves can be mechanical, electromotive or fully electronic.

Valves can be mechanically linked to the accelerator pedal or can be controlled through a combination of accelerator pedal and ECU or exclusively through electronic signal from the engine management system.

Rincian Produk

Properti  GVS’ high precision machine tools can produce work with a 4 micron margin and realize every kind of requested parts respecting high process effectiveness and the highest degree of precision.
In order to guarantee the requested tolerances, humidity and temperature in the production areas are constantly controlled to cut down heat expansion, which would otherwise lead to an increase in the working tolerances.
Karakteristik  Wide range of sizes : Available upon request
Different kind of materials used : Aluminium, Brass, special Alloy properties, stainless steel, plastic
High precision machine tools : +/- 4 micron
Metrological area with instruments : For highly sophisticated working programs
Aplikasi  Powertrain & Drivetrain


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