Astro Blasting Respirator

The Astro is a high-performing, economical option for abrasive blasting operations.

Meeting safety standards worldwide, including Australia, Europe, and the USA, this classic flat lens design is part of its design DNA.

Productivity is always at the forefront of our engineers’ minds when designing our range. Incorporating our tear-off lens system saves you up to 45 minutes per day and ensures your visibility is never compromised. Weighing just 1.2 Kg (excluding breathing tube), the Astro’s lightweight design helps to reduce fatigue and minimizes aches and strains on your neck and shoulders.

The Astro offers low lifetime maintenance and part replacement costs, offering you unbeatable value and return on investment without compromising your safety.

Product Details

Properties Includes:
Low flow indicator
Nylon Respirator Cape,
Flow Control Valve,
SAR Breathing Tube

Lightweight design for increased comfort.
Streamlined air deflection system distributes air to the breathe zone and across the lens, preventing fogging.
Flexible breathing tube aids unobstructed head movement.

Characteristics Certified to EN 14594 2005
Application Abrasive blasting


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