Bacterial Air Vents - Chemotherapy

Many medical devices require vents to keep their internal pressure balanced with the ambient pressure.

This avoids the deformation of rigid plastic containers and interruptions in flow of fluids.

Our product must protect the fluid path from bacterial contamination.

Venting characteristics can be obtained by using hydrophobic membranes.

GVS has a wide range of air vent products that incorporate PTFE or hydrophobic acrylic membrane for this function.

Product Details

Properties GVS air vents are manufactured with fully automatic over-molding technology that guarantees superior quality in manufacturing parts with high cavity molds.
Efficiency of Filtration: 100%
Maximum Operating Temperature: 50°C
Pyrogenicity in EU/ml: <0.25
Sterilization Compatibility: EtO
Size/ SKU/ Item Code TP030ANAV002AA02 Transducer Protector TP30 – PVC/0.2µm PTFE – Clear/clear
TP030BMAG002AA03 Transducer Protector TP30 -Polycarbonate + AC/0.2µm Acrylic – Clear/clear
TP030BNAR002AA02 Transducer Protector TP30 – PVC+AC/0.2µm Acrylic – Clear/clear
TP038ANAV010AA02 Transducer Protector TP38 – PVC/1µm PTFE – Clear/clear


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