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GVS capsules are disposable filtration units designed for the removal of particles or bacteria from aqueous or solvent solutions and gas streams.

They are ready to use, eliminating the need to disassemble, clean, and reassemble filter housings.

GVS capsules contain no glue or surfactants and feature serial layer filter design for increased throughput and extended life.

Two upstream vents are included to facilitate venting in any position.

Product Details

Properties All capsules containing membrane media are preflushed with purified water to reduce extractable.
GVS capsules made with Polypropylene housings are food compliant (FDA/EU), as restrictions may apply depending on the final application, it is the end user’s responsibility to determine full compliance.
All capsules pass class VI toxicology testing and are integrity tested prior to shipment.
Capsule filters are available in sterile and non-sterile versions.
The capsules are available with the following connections: 3/8 inch hose barb, 1/4 to 1/2 inch stepped hose barb, 1/4 inch NPTM, 1/2 inch NPTM, and 1.5 inch sanitary flange.
All units are packaged in low particulate plastic bags and individual boxes.
Sterile units are shrink wrapped and include a sterility indicator.
Characteristic Available filter media GLASS/MBPP, MBPP, PES, PP, PP/MBPP, PTFE
Available pre-filter media MBPP
Available housing material Polypropylene
Application Filtration of Aqueous Solutions
General purpose laboratory filtration
Venting and Gas Filtration
HPLC sample preparation
Sterilization and clarification of aqueous and organic solvent solutions
Size/ SKU/ Item Code 1213584 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.22,1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1212949 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.22,1/4″ BARB, 1/PK

1213578 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.22,3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1212929 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP, 0.2, 1/2″ NPTM, 1/PK

1212971 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.22,1.5″ FLANGE, 1/PK

1213057 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.2, 1/2″ NPTM, 1/PK,2.5

1213089 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.2, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213090 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.2, 1/2″ NPTM,1/PK,

1213091 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.22, 1.5″ FLANGE, 1/PK

1213596 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP, 0.4, 1/4″ NPTM,1/PK

1212950 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.45,1/4″ BARB, 1/PK

1213591 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.45,3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1212930 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,0.45,1/2″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213611 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,1.2,1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1212951 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,1.2,1/4″ BARB, 1/PK

1212932 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,1.2,1/2″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213100 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,1.2, 1/4″NPTM, 1/PK

1213620 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,5.0,1/4″ NPTM,1/PK

1212953 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,5.0,1/4″ BARB, 1/PK

1213619 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,5.0,3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1212975 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,5.0,1.5″ FLANGE, 1/PK

1213080 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,5.0, 1.5″ FLANGE, 1/PK,2.5

1213113 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,5.0, 1.5″ FLANGE, 1/PK

1213622 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,10,1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213621 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,10,3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1213081 FLT,CPS,PLT,PP,10, 3/8″+H1620 BARB, 1/PK,2.5

1213160 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.1, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213158 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.2, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213155 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.22, 3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1212937 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.22, 1/2″ NPTM, 1/PK

1212978 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.22, 1.5″ FLANGE, 1/PK

1212987 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.22, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213161 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.4, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1212992 FLT,CPS,PLT,PTFE,0.45, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213540 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.1,1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213671 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.1,1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1212939 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.1,1/4″ BARB, 1/PK

1213529 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.1,3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1213561 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.2, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213550 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.22, 3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1213757 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.2, 3/ 8″ BARB,ST,1/PK

1214448 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.22, 3/8″ BARB,ST,1/PK

1213577 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.45, 1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1214457 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,ST,0.4, 3/ 8″ BARB, 1/PK,PS

1212910 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.45, 1/4″NPTM,1/PK,

1212908 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66, 1.2/0.5, 3/8″ BARB, 1/PK

1212911 FLT,CPS,PLT,N66,0.4, 1/2″ NPTM, 1/PK

1222323 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.1,1/4″ NPTM, 1/PK

1213608 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES, 0.2, 1/4 ” NPTM, 1/PK

1214001 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.22,1/4 ” NPTM,ST,1/PK

1214225 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.22,1/4 ” BARB,ST,1/PK

1225346 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.22,1/2 “NPTM, 1/PK,ST

1213956 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.22, 1. 5FLANGE,1/PK,ST

1214436 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.22, 1/4″ BARB,ST,1/PK

1215154 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.22, 1/2″ NPTM, 1/PK

1223845 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.22, 1/2″ NPTM,ST,1P/K

1222327 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.2, 1.5″FLANGE,1/PK,2.5

1213610 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.45, 1/4″ NPTM,1/PK

1214227 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.45,1/4 ” BARB,ST,1/PK

1222432 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.45, 1/4″ BARB,ST,1/PK

1215030 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.45, 1.5″FLANGE,1/PK

1223129 FLT,CPS,PLT,PES,0.2, 1/4″-3/8″HB,1/PK

1235556 FLT CPS PLT PES 0.22 3/8″ BARB 1/2″ NPT 8.2″

Technical Data Sheet

Connectors Selection Guide

Compatibility Chart


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