Cartflow CFP & CMK - Pleated Cartridge Filters

Cartflow CFP & CMK – Pleated Cartridge Filters

The Cartflow CFP & CMK (junior)  series are a range of cartridge filters with pleated filter media. The filters are characterised by different lengths and materials and are intended for filtration in several liquid and gas application.

The Cartflow CFPPS series with PES membrane consists of cartridge filters with a hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane for liquid filtration. The filters are available with both single and double layer pleated membranes, with various pore sizes and different performance levels, depending on the application involved: from general liquid filtration to sterilising grade filtration.

The Cartflow CFPPU series with PSU membrane are constructed by a single layer of highly asymmetric hydrophilic polysulfone membrane with different pore sizes and polypropylene components. The unique PSU membrane delivers a high flow rate, long life time and excellent particle removal efficiency, so they are indicated for general water filtration and liquid clarification applications.

The Cartflow CFPPP series with PP media consists of cartridge filters with hydrophilic polypropylene filter media used for liquid filtration. CFPPP cartridge filters are available single-layer or multi-layer pleated filter media with different pore size. The multi-layer membranes have a gradient pore size structure. The  CFPPP series have different degrees of performance depending on the application involved: from the general liquid filtration and filtration of high viscosity liquids, to fine-filtration with high chemical compatibility.

The Cartflow CFPPT series with ePTFE membrane consists of cartridge filters with hydrophobic PTFE memebrane for the filtration of air/gas and liquid phase solvents, even at high temperatures. CFPPT cartridge filters are available with polypropylene hardware, or also completely in ultra-pure PFA fluoropolymer. The CFPPT series are caracterized by single layer membrane with a choice of different pore sizes and with different degrees of performance depending on the areas of application concerned: from liquid solvent filtration to sterilising filtration of air/corrosive gases, high temperature air/gas filtration, to fine-filtration for microelectronics and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Cartflow CFPNY series with Nylon membrane consists of cartridge filters with a hydrophilic Nylon membrane used for the filtration of liquids, favoured by the natural hydrophilicity of polyamides.

All diaphragms offer wide chemical compatibility, increased impurity retention capacity, allowing high flow flows with low pressure drop and low extractables.

Product Details

Properties All materials meet USP Class VI-121C° biological safety specifications for plastics;
the capsule materials and the filtration media comply with EU Directive 10/2011 on foodstuffs in contact with plastics.
Characteristic Type of Filter Pleated Cartridge


Technical Data Sheet

For product specifications, applications and ordering information, please refer to the attached catalogue:


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