Elipse Portacount Face Fit Kit Adaptor

Face fit testing is the method used to ensure that a face mask is correctly fitted so that there is no inward leakage of unfiltered air bypassing the edges of the mask.

The first objective of the test is to confirm that the wearer knows how to correctly fit the mask by adjusting the straps as well as to validate its performance on the user.

The second objective is to verify that the wearer uses a product type or size that fits them correctly.

Product Details

Properties There are two main methods:

Qualitative: The test subject dons the appropriate RPE, then places a hood over their head creating a chamber. Solution, such as, Bitrex is sprayed into the hood whilst the test subject carries out a number of exercises. The solution should only be tasted if the RPE is poorly fitted.

Quantitative: The subject is tested via a Portacount that will measure the number of particles in the atmosphere versus the number of particles inside the mask, this allows you to calculate a Fit Factor.

This type of test also allows you to accurately compare various models of respirators suitability.

Compatibility Elipse P3, A1P3, ABE1P3, B1P3: SPR299/SPR501, SPR337/SPR502, SPR338/SPR503, SPR425/SPR505, SPR580/SPR581
Integra P3, A1P3, ABE1P3, B1P3: SPR407/SPR406, SPR404/SPR405, SPR444/SPR401, SPR583/SPR584
Elipse P100/P100 Nuisance Odour: SPR451, SPR457, SPR449, SPR456
Integra P100/P100 Nuisance Odour: SPR549, SPR550, SPR551, SPR552
Size/ SKU/ Item Code SPM414 Elipse® Portacount Face Fit Kit Adaptor


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