The design of the EPI-MAX filters is an extremely innovative solution to problems in the IV market.

Although the filter is made only of one hydrophilic membrane layer, it has a high filtration and priming efficiency.

The filter is designed for use in the filtration of intravenous or other aqueous solutions for removal of particles larger than 0.2µm.

Product Details

Properties EPI-MAX filters are particularly suitable for the following filtration applications:
Ampoule drug injection
Epidural anesthesia, local anesthesia
Intraocular injectables
TPN solutions additives
Low volume pain control
Small volume sterilization
Pharmacy admixture
Pore Size: 0.2um, other size available upon request
Priming Volume: 1.2ml
Pyrogenicity: <0.25 EU/ml (LAL method)
Sterilization Compatibility: EtO or Gamma (25 kGy)
Size/ SKU/ Item Code RS065DCYRH002A02 Epi-Max 0.2µm, Double Luer Lock
RS065DMEDH002A02 Epi-Max 1.2µm, Double Luer Lock, Detergent Proof
RS085DMEDH002AF0 Epi-Max 0.2µm NR-Fit Connectors, Detergent Proof, No Vented


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