EV Battery Coolant Filters

GVS provides Battery Coolant Filtration Systems for various industries including automotive.

We offer various type of filter solutions in the battery coolant system: inlet air filter, fan filters and combined filters for liquid-cooled batteries capable to protect the system from harmful particles which can guarantee the high-performance battery capability and longer lifetime avoiding power loss and battery overheating.

EV are using large batteries to store energy.

The high current flow necessary in this systems is causing heat effect that together with ambient temperature effect might cause serious performance issue with cell accelerated degeneration.

High temperature over 30° and as well low temperature lower 5° are the worst conditions that are causing degradation of the system, decrease of battery life and risk of fire and explosion in one case and incapability or impossibility of fast recharging and power loss in the second case.

To avoid damage, guarantee the system functionality, longer lifetime and move into a high performance battery system a sophisticated thermal management system is one of the key requirements capable to guarantee an average temperature between 20° and 30°.

Product Details

Properties  System cooling obtained by air: thanks to a blower, the air is pushed into the battery pack, hence it is important to guarantee clean air passing through the blower through a prefilter, that reduces particles fibres, pollution that can be moved from the cabin to the blower, and a blower air filter, that avoids the passing of any kind of pollution that can later on impact on the battery functionality causing heat increase.
Liquid cooling and refrigerant direct cooling: liquid has higher specific heat and thermal conductivity than air so it can mitigate battery temperature rising and prevent battery overheating, in particular the iquid is flowing between the battery pack, cooling the system.
Fluid Immersion cooling solutions: these solutions are needed to obtain high performance in vehicles or construction and agriculture systems, where an intense battery discharge is required and hence a serious amount of heat is generated, with the need of a superior dielectric fluid material.
Characteristics  Tailor made solutions : Offered by GVS for the different thermal management solutions
3 different levels of cooling approaches : Air, liquid and refrigeration
Applications  Electric Vehicles


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