FAST™ Slides

Protein Array Surface

FAST™ Slides are glass slides coated with a proprietary nitrocellulose polymer.

The polymer binds proteins in a noncovalent, irreversible manner and can be probed using the same method as in traditional blotting.

The 3D surface of a FAST™ Slide maintains the reactivity of proteins and gives excellent reproducible results.

It is usable with fluorescent, colorimetric, chemiluminescent, or isotopic detection systems and is compatible with microarray scanners and robots.

Product Details

Properties The most significant advantage of FAST™ slides over modified glass surfaces is that the matrix retains arrayed protein in a near quantitative fashion for up to a year.
This property translates into antibody arrays with unparalleled sensitivity below 1pg/mL in antigen concentration.
These qualities make FAST™ Slides the most reliable surface for microarray experiments and provide a high level of confidence.
FAST™ Slides are suitable for many types of protein microarrays including protein arrays, reverse phase protein arrays, and microspot ELISAs, also known as antibody arrays.
There are tremendous advantages to using FAST™ Slides for immunoassays over traditional ELISAs including less sample required, better sensitivity, linearity, and quantitation.
A major advantage of FAST™ Slides technology is that hundreds or thousands of antibodies or samples can be screened simultaneously.
Compared to other microarray surfaces, FAST™ Slides provide superior binding properties, allowing quantitative detection of proteins over four orders of magnitude in concentration.
Characteristics Binding Properties superior protein binding capacity.
Level of Sensitivity highest sensitivity and dynamic range.
Level of Stability excellent long-term stability of printed proteins
Compatible with all detection methodologies and commercially available arraying robots.
Applications Diagnostic
Size/ SKU/ Item Code 10484182 FAST Slide 1-Pad 20×51 mm bar coded 20/PK FAST™ Slides

10485317 FAST Slide 2-Pad 20×20 mm bar coded 10/PK FAST™ Slides

10485320 FAST Slide 8-Pad 6×6 mm bar coded 10/PK  FAST™ Slides

10485323 FAST Slide 16-Pad 6×6 mm 10/PK FAST™ Slides

10486001 FAST Frame Slide Holder 1/PK FAST™ Slides

10486046 16-well incubation chamber for 8- and 16- pad FAST Slide 10/PK FAST™ Slides

10486087 2-well incubation chamber for 2 pad 20×20 mm FAST Slide 10/PK FAST™ Slides

10486111 FAST Slide 1-Pad 20×60 mm bar coded 20/PK FAST™ Slides

10486137 Single well incubation chamber for 1 pad 20×51 mm FAST Slides 10/PK FAST™ Slides



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