Fresh Air & Carbon Canister Filters

The GVS fresh air filter is able to remove the contaminants and keeps the air going into the system clean.

It can be used for different applications depending on the final system of the customer.

It can be directly applied to the tank as a breather filter in order to “breathe” air in and out as the liquid level rises and drops.

The filter prevents the penetration of contamination from the ambient in the fluid.

In addition, since the circulating air contains particles and moisture that can cause corrosion, this filter is also important to prevent the wear of the inner equipment and to improve the performances of the fluid and the system itself.

The GVS fresh air filter can be also applied to the carbon canister in order to capture the hydrocarbon vapor emission from the fuel tanks as part of an evaporative emission control system (EVAP).

Product Details

Properties  Proprietary cellulose and synthetic media tailored to OE applications
High capacity laminated filter media
Fire retardant synthetic and fiberglass air media
High air flow filter media
Customized packaging
Characteristics  High level of customization : Filter can be designed according to final customers’ requirements and based on different systems architecture
GVS Patented media : Wide range of filter media available in order to meet different customers’ specification
Applications  Fuel tanks
Carbon Canister


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