Gas Separator Membrane for Green Hydrogen Production

Fuel cells are an alternative energy technology that generate electric energy through the reaction between hydrogen (or a hydrogen-rich fuel source) and oxygen.

These devices are particularly interesting due to high efficiencies relative to traditional combustion engines and low emissions, producing only heat and water as waste products.

The development of new component materials with increased performance and cost-effectiveness is a critical part of emerging fuel cell research.

Water can be converted into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrolyser and electricity;

Electrolysis plays a central role in the deployment of renewable hydrogen.

Product Details

Properties  Carrying over his expertise and knowledge among different Applications and Divisions, GVS developed a High Efficient Gas Separator Membrane for Green Hydrogen Production that guarantees significant performance in terms of Efficiency and Mechanical and Chemical Stability within a limitate thickness.
Characteristics  Stability : High chemical and mechanical stability
Advantages : High efficiency and limitate thickness
Applications  E-mobility
Fuel Cell
Energy Storage Systems


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