Glass Microfiber Binder Free

GVS offers a wide range of glass microfiber filters made of 100% borosilicate glass fibers without binders.

The depth structure of the filter with its large surface area provides an outstanding impurity retention capacity combined with a low filter resistance.

Product Details

Properties Glass fiber filters adsorb the finest particles down to 1 μm from liquids and < 1 μm in air and gases, as the electrostatic interaction between the glass fibers and gases is better than between glass fibers and liquids.
Temperature resistant up to 500º C (with organic binders up to 180º C).
Characteristics Retention fine retention with fast flow and very small particles retention
Resistance to aggressive substances
Temperatures up to 500 ºC
Applications Air sampling to collect atmospheric particulates and aerosols
General purpose laboratory filtration
Water analysis
High volume PM-10 sampling


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