Hemodialysis Blood Chambers

There are many different drip chambers available for a variety of blood line configurations.


We offer a full range of drip chambers, including eccentric, blown molded, cylindrical, in soft and rigid PVC versions, also suitable for gamma sterilization.

Product Details

Properties A full range of covers is also offered to serve a variety of different specifications.
Assembled chambers are also available
Characteristics Raw material: PVC, rigid or soft
Assembly method: bonding
Maximum operating temperature: 50°C
Pyrogenicity in EU/ml: <0,25
Ref. Standard: ISO 8638
Size/ SKU/ Item Code RN226DDAC0000A01 Hemodialysis Drip Chamber Dia. 19/30mm With Wall Dripping For Tube 6.8mm In Clear Soft PVC*
RN227DNAF0000A00 2-way (1×6.8mm + 1×4.1mm) Cover For Hemodialysis Drip Chamber Dia. 30mm
RN228DNAF0000A00 3-way (1×6.8mm + 2×5.5mm) Cover For Hemodialysis Drip Chamber Dia. 30mm
RN229DNAF0000A00 2-way (1×6.8mm + 1×5.5mm) Cover For Hemodialysis Drip Chamber Dia. 30mm *
RN417ACOL0000A00 Arterial Pre-pump Flow Chamber 2 Way Cover, Connection 1×6.8mm + 1×5.5mm UP + 1×6.8mm DOWN
RN418ACOL0000A00 Arterial Pre-pump Flow Chamber 3 Way Cover, Connection 1×6.8mm + 2×5.5mm UP + 1×6.8mm DOWN


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