Pressure Regulators

The increasing demands for fuel system performance have driven the development of a new type of fuel pressure regulator that provides greater robustness in service along with excellent operational characteristics.

Fuel pressure regulator devices are connected to the fuel rail to balance and keep the pressure in the fuel system.

This keeps the injectors at constant pressure through a spring-loaded membrane which allows the opening of the return-flow channel.

The valve uncovers a fuel line that returns excess fuel to the fuel tank when it is opened by excessive pressure in the fuel lines.

Product Details

Properties  Pressure regulators mitigate the fatigue stress the sealing element has to bear due to high pressure pulsation in the fuel system.
They reduce the suffering of restart in hybrid vehicles that use start-stop engine strategy, maintaining pressure during the engine-off period.
Extremely reliable sealing and robustness against mechanical stresses created in new fuel systems.
Characteristics  Fuel pressure < membrane pressure : The excess fuel flows back to the fuel tank increasing the fuel pressure at the injector.
Fuel pressure > membrane pressure : The diaphragm retracts the valve to discharge the excess fuel and reduce the fuel pressure at the injector.
Balanced pressure difference : The amount of fuel injected depends solely on the opening time of the injectors.
Optimized flow channels : It enables minimum pressure drop, minimum induced noise, and maximum flow repeatability.
Applications  Fuel Rail


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