Integra Mask Carry Case for Integra Dust and Low Profile

SPM007 Hard Carry Case allows to offer protection to the Integra Dust and Low Profile masks when not in use.

Product Details

Properties Strong nylon loop in the back allows the case to be worn on the belt or attached to a clip.
Durable case to offer protection to the mask when not in use.
Light and compact 16.0 x 26.4 x 19.6 cm.
Color blue.
Characteristics SPM007 Carry Case is compatible with the following Integra masks:

SPR407 (S/M)
SPR406 (M/L)
SPR404 (S/M)
SPR405 (M/L)

SPR444 (S/M)
SPR401 (M/L)
SPR583 (S/M)
SPR584 (M/L)
SPR538 (S/M)
SPR539 (M/L)
SPR536 (S/M)
SPR537 (M/L)

SPR536 (S/M)
SPR537 (M/L)
SPR534 (S/M)
SPR535 (M/L)

Applications Mining, steel mills, foundries
Mechanical, pharmaceutical, cement
Glass, ceramics, chemicals
Waste management, construction
Heavy metals (lead, nickel, chromium), rail industry
Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives
Agriculture (chemical spraying)
Size/ SKU/ Item Code SPM007 Integra Mask Carry Case


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