IV Drip Chambers

There are many different collection chambers available for a variety of configurations.

We offer a full range of collection chambers, including cylindrical, blown, soft and hard PVC, also suitable for gamma sterilisation.

Product Details

Properties Ref. Standard ISO 8536-4
Sterilization EtO
Characteristics Color: Clear
Raw Material: Soft PVC + DEHP Free
Maximum Operating Temperature: 50°C
Pyrogenicity in EU/ml: <0.25
Size/ SKU/ Item Code GRUTRMP7AT1 PVC Non-vented Drip Chamber With 200µm Blood Filter
GRUTRMP7AT3 PVC Vented Drip Chamber With 200µm Blood Filter
VASCHE5A1 Non-Vented Chamber 20 Drops
VASCHE5A16ND Vented Chamber 20 Drops With 15µm Disc Filter DEHP Free
CO0557JABSPVA01 IV Drip Chamber, Non-Vented, With 15µm Disc Filter, Clear
CO0558DPEHKPA01 IV Drip Chamber Clear DEHP Free 2 way w/ Filter
CO0558JABSPVM01 IV Drip Chamber Amber 2 way w/ Filter
CO0558KABSPVA00 IV Drip Chamber Clear 2 way w/ Filter
CO0559DABSPVA00 IV Drip Chamber Clear 1 way w/out Filter
CO0560KABSPVA02 IV Drip Chamber Clear 2 way w/out Filter
CO0560KABSPVM02 IV Drip Chamber Amber 2 way w/out Filter


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