IV Flow Regulators

GVS IV Flow Regulators provide a constant flow rate during the entire infusion procedure.

There is no need for continuous adjustment of flow rate and there is no risk of over-infusion.

Because it takes two hands to set and adjust our products, this prevents accidental changes in flow.

Product Details

Easydrop and Eurodrop are a single-use disposable flow regulator which allows highly accurate control of flow rate.
The Easydrop and Eurodrop operating principle is the “triple labyrinth”, the GVS patented technology that ensures a very accurate flow rate and high stability in delivery throughout the whole infusion session.
No electrical power is required.
Easydrop and Eurodrop have a very light weight and a modern look.
Operating range: 20 to 250 ml/h
Assembly method: Bonding
Maximum storage and operating temperature: 40°C indoor operation
Pyrogenicity: <0.25 EU/m
Sterilization: Suitable for EtO (44°C max) and gamma (50kGy) sterilization
Size/ SKU/ Item Code RN067BTEK0000D02 Easydrop Flow Regulator White / Single Scale
RN130BTEK0000D02 Easydrop Flow Regulator White / Double Scale
RN200BTEK0000D01 Easydrop Flow Regulator White / Single Scale
RN201BTEK0000D01 Easydrop Flow Regulator White / Double Scale


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