Nylon Filtration Membrane

GVS Nylon Filtration Membrane is a supported, naturally hydrophilic membrane designed to wet out evenly and retain its superior strength during use in general filtration or medical assays.

The additional strength and durability is an advantage for uses involving aggressive handling or automated equipment.

Product Details

Properties This controlled microporous Nylon 66 membrane is cast on an inert, internal support web that gives it added dimensional strength and stability to prevent cracking, tearing, curling and breaking. This added strength and durability is essential in protocols that require aggressive handling, such as colony lifts and plaque lifts.
GVS Nylon Filtration Membrane is internally supported with an inert polyester support web giving it added dimensional strength and stability that prevents cracking, tearing, curling and breaking.
This added strength and durability is advantageous during usage that involves aggressive handling or automated equipment.
A naturally hydrophilic membrane, GVS Nylon Filtration Membrane does not require wetting agents that can interfere with biological processes. This membrane has porosity of 70/80% for high diffusion and low-flow resistance.
Characteristic HPLC sample preparation
Sterilization and clarification of aqueous and organic solvent solutions
Application Hydrophilic eliminates the need for wetting agents that can potentially interfere with biological processes.
Super strength eases handling when used with automated equipment.
Low extractables ensures tests will be clean and pure leading to more consistent results.
Lot-to-lot consistency quality checks ensure lot-to-lot consistency, both down and across the polyester web, for dependable results every time.
Thickness (mm) 0.65 – .125
Sterilization autoclavable
Size/ SKU/ Item Code 1213760 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.1µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1213761 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.1µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1213762 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.1µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213763 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.1µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1213764 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.1µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1213765 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.1µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1213766 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.22µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1213768 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.22µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1213769 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.22µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213770 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.22µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1213771 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.22µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1213772 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.22µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1213774 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.45µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1213775 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.45µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1213776 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.45µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213778 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.45µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1213779 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.45µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1213780 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.45µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1213782 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.65µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1213783 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.65µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213784 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.65µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1213786 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.65µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1213788 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.8µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1213789 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.8µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1213790 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.8µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213791 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.8µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1213792 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.8µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1213793 Filter, Disk, NY, 0.8µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1213794 Filter, Disk, NY, 1.2µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1213796 Filter, Disk, NY, 1.2µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1213797 Filter, Disk, NY, 1.2µm, 47mm, 100/PK

1213798 Filter, Disk, NY, 1.2µm, 90mm, 25/PK

1213799 Filter, Disk, NY, 1.2µm, 142mm, 25/PK

1213800 Filter, Disk, NY, 1.2µm, 293mm, 25/PK

1213810 Filter, Disk, NY, 5.0µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1213811 Filter, Disk, NY, 5.0µm, 25mm, 100/PK

1213812 Filter, Disk, NY, 5.0µm, 47mm, 100/PK

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