Pair of P3 Nuisance Odour Replacement Filters

Elipse Nuisance Odour P3 Filter Kit

These filters are recommended for dust and fumes containing substances such as micro-organisms, marble, gypsum, titanium oxide, soapstone, rock wool, wood, detergents, textile fibres, spices, salt, animal feeds, etc.

Protects against dust that can cause lung disease.

In particular, protects against coal, silica, cotton, iron ore, graphite, kaolin, zinc, aluminium dusts.

Protects against harmful dusts such as asbestos, bauxite, coal, silica, iron, and against toxic dusts such as manganese, lead and chromium.

Additionally, the filters remove small amounts of VOC characterised by smell/nuisance odour.

Product Details

Filters last up to 5 years and can be easily replaced
P3 RD Filters are CE certified: EN143: 2000+A1: 2006
With High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter (HESPA) using Mechanical Filtration Technology
Offer a minimum efficiency of 99,95% or higher at 0,3 microns particle size
Compatibility Elipse models: SPR299 (S/M), SPR501 (M/L), SPR337 (S/M), SPR502 (M/L)
Integra models: SPR407 (S/M), SPR406 (M/L), SPR404 (S/M), SPR405 (M/L)
Applications Welding and Grinding (Metal fumes and Dust)
Construction (Silica Dust, Abestos, Concrete Dust, Stone Dust, Aggregate Dust, Wood Dust, Cement Dust, Mold)
Mining (Coal Dust and Silica Dust)
Manufacturing (Glass Fibres, Composite Fibres, Lead Fumes)
Food (Poultry, Diary Powders, Spices, Grain Dust)
Pharmaceutical (Powders, Viruses)
Size/ SKU/ Item Code SPR336 Elipse P3 Nuisance Odour Replacement Filters

Technical Data Sheet

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