Peel off Visor for Integra

SPM520 Peel off Visor is a product compatible with all GVS Integra masks.

Product Details

Properties Includes 10 Peel off Visors
Useful to extend the product life
Offer enhanced protection to the lens of Elipse Integra masks against scratch and paint splash
Compatibility Integra Masks P3, P3 Nuisance Odour, A1P3, ABE1P3, ABEK1, A2P3, ABEK1P3: SPR407/SPR406, SPR404/SPR405, SPR444/SPR401, SPR583/SPR584, SPR538/SPR539, SPR536/SPR537, SPR534/SPR535
Integra Masks P100, P100 Nuisance Odour, OV AG P100, Multigas, P100 Multigas, OVP100: SPR549/SPR550, SPR551/SPR552, SPR555/SPR556, SPR630/SPR631, SPR623/SPR624, SPR553/SPR554
Size/ SKU/ Item Code SPM520 Peel off Visor for Integra


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