Plastic Conical Filters

Mesh and Tubular filters manufactured by GVS are especially dedicated to the transfusion market but they can easily meet the requirements of many other different applications.
Most important are:
– blood filters for transfusion drip chambers 
– blood filters for hemodialysis drip chambers 
– high volume liquid filters for general purpose applications 

Product Details

Properties GVS mesh and tubular filters are manufactured according to ISO1135 standards.
They are manufactured following the ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards, in class 100.000 cleanrooms with medical grade materials (plastics and mesh/membrane), and pass USP plastics class VI and ISO10993 tests for biocompatibility (standard for external communicating device – blood path indirect – prolonged contact duration).
They have low extractable levels and wide drug compatibility.
They are latex-free, PVC-free, and free of animal-origin substances.
Efficiency of filtration: 98%
Pyrogenicity: <0.25 Eu/ml
Maximum Operating Temperature: 50°C
Size/ SKU/ Item Code FILTCO11118300L Plastic Conical Filter, Large (11cm²) – PP
FILTLU11118300L Plastic Conical Filter Small (5.6cm²) – PP
RN253AALAP270A00 Plastic Conical Filter, Medium (6.85cm²) – PP


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