Pressure Equalizing and Gas Evacuation Battery Vent Cap

As mobility is changing to electric and hybrid vehicle, Lithium-ion batteries acquired a leading role in the automotive market.

To power vehicles, rechargeable batteries are arranged in packs and do offer a high ratio of energy per unit volume.

Li-Ion Batteries do need robust protection from harsh external conditions like water, dirt, contaminants and automotive fluids, along with adequate venting to compensate different pressures between the interior of the storage unit and its environment.

To protect battery life and safety, GVS has developed specific pressure-equalizing caps with integrated safety function that protects the battery housing against exceeding over-or under pressure which might happen for example in case of a cell failure or mechanical damage.

In that case, the GVS product opens temporary a larger the cross-section for the ventilation, preventing a burst of the battery housing, allowing fast evacuation and restoring as quick as possible the controlled pressure equalization.


Our Product Video

At The Battery Show Europe Exhibition in Stuttgart, our sales team presented our new product development!

GVS Battery Vent Cap features an exclusive technology with an integrated safety function that protects the battery packs and modules against external contaminants and automotive fluids.

In case of over pressure, GVS Battery Vent Cap opens temporarily, allowing a larger cross-section for the ventilation, helping gas evacuation during thermal runaway and restoring the controlled pressure equalization.

Product Details

Properties  Pressure equalizing with integrated safety function against over/under pressure
Hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes
Standard and High-Temperature resistance series available
Protection against water, dirt, contaminants, and other automotive fluids
Different IP rating degrees of protection
Characteristics  Body material : Vent body made of PBT
O-ring material : EPDM or Silicone depending on specific customer and temperature requirement
High level of flexibility : Ready to be used and quick to be assembled
Easy installation : Integration into existing equipment without additional parts needed
Applications  Battery packs and Fuel Cell
Control Units
Sensors and Actuators
Converters and Inverters
Starter motors and electronic pumps


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