Quartz Microfiber Filters

GVS Quartz microfiber filters are made with 100% pure quartz microfiber with zero binders.

Exhibit greater chemical resistance at high temperatures than glass microfiber.

Product Details

Properties Excellent choice for use in environments with extreme temperature up to 900°C and/or aggressive chemical exposure.
Retention loading and air flow permeation similar to glass microfiber filters.
Use wherever filters of the highest purity are needed.
Characteristics Excellent retention of very fine particles
Resistance exceptional chemical and thermal resistance
Excellent weight and dimensional stability with lowest trace metal content
High permeation enables large volume of air to pass through
Higher temperature stability compared to glass microfiber filters. Up to 900 °C
Excellent chemical stability with practically no filter-mass loss in the presence of acid gases (HCl, SO2, SO3, H2, SO4, NO and NO3)
Applications Air monitoring
Size/ SKU/ Item Code FP025D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 25mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP037D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 37mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP047D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber,47mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP050D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 50mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP055D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 55mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP070D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 70mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP090D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 90mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP110D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 110mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP125D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 125mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP150D0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 150mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters

FP203R0QF1QUFC01 Filter, Disk, Quartz Microfiber, 203x254mm, 100/PK Quartz Microfiber Filters



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