Regenerated Cellulose Membrane

GVS Regenerated Cellulose membrane is a hydrophilic high strength media.

Regenerated Cellulose filters have a broad solvent compatibility, and they contribute very low extractable material in a wide variety of sample solvents.

Product Details

Properties The RC Membranes are appropriate for sample preparation in many applications and as a standalone or syringe filter membrane.
This membrane media can be sterilized by all common methods keeping a mechanically stability.
The superior strength assures an high chemical resistance for usage with a wide range of aqueous and organic media.
Characteristic Material hydrophilic
Resistance excellent chemical compatibility and resistance to organic solvent
Adsorption Low non-specific adsorption
High mechanical strenght superior thermal resistance
Maximum Operating Temperature 134°C
Pore size 0.22μm and 0.45μm
Application Filtration of aqueous and organic solvent filtration
Particle removal from organic solvents or mixtures of aqueous and non-aqueous samples
Ultra-cleaning and de-gassing solvents and mobile phases for HPLC
Protein Chemistry
Size/ SKU/ Item Code  

3099755 Filter, Disk, RC, 0.45µm, 47mm, 100/PK

3099756 Filter, Disk, RC, 0.22µm, 25mm, 100/PK

3099757 Filter, Disk, RC, 0.45µm, 25mm, 100/PK

3099758 Filter, Disk, RC, 0.22µm, 47mm, 100/PK


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