Separa® Filter Vials

Save time and money in the sample preparation process with the GVS Separa® Filter Vial.

The one-step filtration process is quick, effective and simple to use.

Separa Filter Vial is a one-step sample preparation device that integrates a self-sampling system, membrane, cap, and lid with precut septa.

The device consists of an internal insert with a membrane chamber and an external vial to be filled with the filtrate.

The internal insert has a sealed membrane and a cap with pre-cut septa.

The liquid is placed in the outer vial and dispensed by pressing the inner insert so that it is pushed through the membrane.

The sample is then filtered and Separa® Filter Vial is ready to be loaded into the autosampler.


Product Details

Properties Rapid sample preparation
A single step process, filtering with a plunger in the vial
A sample ready to use after filtration
Pre-slitted cap ensures easy and clean sample transfer
Replace syringe, syringe filter, glass vial and cap, reducing waste
Increase sample integrity with all-in vial and filter
Compatible with most auto-samplers
Compatible with most multi-compressors
Characteristics Dimensions Separa® Filter Vial 12mm diameter x 32mm height
Materials Separa® Filter Vial Polypropylene, PTFE and silicone
Chamber Volume 480µl
Filter Capacity 450µl
Compression Force 0.6bar
Maximum Operating Temperature 50°C
Analytical Sample Prep, HPLC
Analytical Sample Prep, uHPLC
Biological Studies
Clarification of aqueous and organic solvent solutions
Size/ SKU/ Item Code MV32ANPNY002BC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter Nylon 0.20µm Light Blue 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPNY004UC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter Nylon 0.45µm Blue 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPPS002EC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter PES 0.20µm Light Green 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPPS004WC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter PES 0.45µm Dark Green 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPPT002TC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter PTFE 0.20µm Pink 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPPT004CC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter PTFE 0.45µm Red 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPPV002FC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter PVDF 0.20µm Yellow 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPPV004IC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter PVDF 0.45µm Orange 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPRC002GC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter RC 0.20µm Gray 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

MV32ANPRC004LC01 SEPARA Syringeless Filter RC 0.45µm Black 100/PK Separa® Filter Vials

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