Silver Membrane

GVS Silver Membranes are constructed with pure metallic silver (99.97%).

They combine excellent chemical resistance and high-temperature characteristics with a retention range of 0.2μm to 5μm.

Silver membranes are used in a large number and variety of applications.

Product Details

Properties Their unique chemical and thermal stability is especially valuable for those applications involving aggressive fluids and/or high temperatures. They are ideal collection media for analysis of crystalline silica by X-ray diffraction and for analysis of organic materials by other instrumentation techniques, such as the analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Total Organic Carbons (TOC).
Some product features are:
High temperature resistance
Withstand extreme chemical and thermal stress
Tolerant of chemically aggressive fluids
No dissolution or migration of the filter
Smooth surface for particle capture and easy observation
Characteristics Retention range 0.22 to 5μm available
Maximum temperature 204°C
Thickness 50μm
Applications X-ray diffraction
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
Removal of air-borne contaminants according to NIOSH industrial hygiene standards
Respirable combustible dust (RCD) sampling and analysis
High-temperature venting; HPLC sample preparation
Clarification, polishing, and sterilization of liquid samples
Size/ SKU/ Item Code 1145328 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.8µm, 13mm, 100/PK

1145331 Filter, Disk, AG, 5.0µm, 25mm, 50/PK

1145332 Filter, Disk, AG, 3.0µm, 25mm, 50/PK

1145333 Filter, Disk, AG, 1.2µm, 25mm, 50/PK Silver Membrane

1145334 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.8µm, 25mm, 50/PK Silver Membrane

1145335 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.45µm, 25mm, 50/PK Silver Membrane

1145336 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.2µm, 25mm, 50/PK Silver Membrane

1145337 Filter, Disk, AG, 5.0µm, 37mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1145341 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.45µm, 37mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1145342 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.2µm, 37mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1145343 Filter, Disk, AG, 5.0µm, 47mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1145345 Filter, Disk, AG, 1.2µm, 47mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1145346 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.8µm, 47mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1145347 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.45µm, 47mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1145348 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.2µm, 47mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1211660 Filter, Disk, AG, 3.0µm, 13mm, 100/PK Silver Membrane

1211663 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.45µm, 13mm, 100/PK Silver Membrane

1211664 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.2µm, 13mm, 100/PK Silver Membrane

1211672 Filter, Disk, AG, 3.0µm, 37mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1211673 Filter, Disk, AG, 0.8µm, 37mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane

1211677 Filter, Disk, AG, 3.0µm, 47mm, 25/PK Silver Membrane



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