Suspended Spikes

Suspended spikes assembled with vent or unassembled w/o vent vented or non-vented and suitable for 4.1mm OD Tubing or Luer Lock connection.

Product Details

Properties All of these ABS products comply with ISO 8536-4 standards.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 50°C
Pirogenicity: <0.25 EU/ml
Sterilization: EtO
Color: White
Aqueous IV solutions
TPN preparation
Size/ SKU/ Item Code CAPSLAC03250520T Vented Tip Protector for Spike Perf1, Clear
CAPSLAC03250520W Vented Tip Protector for Spike Perf1, White
PERF1VC0001L550W 1-way Suspended Spike, Luer Lock Connection
PERF1VC0003L550W 1-way Suspended Spike, 4.1 – 4.8mm Tubing Connection
PERF2V97609903L 2-way Suspended Spike, Luer Lock Connection Assembled with Tip Protector


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