The surface is wiped with a cellulose swab and any bacteria collected are transferred via the swab into a tube containing a special medium with an indicator dye, which is then incubated.

This means that SwabCheck™ is about 1000 times more sensitive than the conventional ATP method. This accuracy is particularly important in the food industry.
With this simple method, it is possible to identify microorganisms such as Listeria monocytogenes, which must not be present in any concentration in food and beverages.

Product Details

Properties The right test for each type of contamination
Qualitative and semi-quantitative hygiene control
Easy to handle
Rapid results
Long shelf-life
Characteristic Surface Monitoring
Application Sterile packed ready to use
Surface wiped with a cellulose swab
Color change due also to a single bacterium
Size/ SKU/ Item Code 10498303 Neutralizing Buffer Swabs 4ml 125/PK

10498304 Neutralizing Buffer Swabs 4ml 500/PK

10498305 Buffer Swabs 4ml 125/PK

10498306 Buffer Swabs 4ml 500/PK

10498315 Total Count Swab Kit, 2.8 mL/tube and membrane device 30/PK

10498316 Yeast and Mold Swab Kit, 2.8 mL/tube and membrane device 30/PK

10498402 SwabCheck Escherichia Coli 4ml/tube 125/PK

10498404 SwabCheck 4ml/tube 125/PK

10498406 Coliform SwabCheck, Individually Pack 25/PK

10498407 Hygiene SwabCheck, Individually Pack 25/PK

10498408 Listeria SwabCheck, Individually Pack 25/PK

10498521 Polywipe Sponge, Individually Pack, 50/PK


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