T200 Respirator, Full Hood Head Harness

The T200 enables you to work in your environment free of respiratory hazards and discomfort through its supportive design.

With positive pressure breathing and true freedom of movement, the T200 ensures you can navigate your surroundings without any restrictions so you can focus on what’s in front of you.

Made for customization, the T200’s head harness features multiple adjustment points, allowing you to change the fitting to suit the contours and shape of your head.

Through the secure fit and streamlined framework, this maximizes stability, relieving you of aches and strains on your neck.

With the large clear visor, experience an uncompromised field of view that allows for greater precision and attention. The T200 also features an adjustable lens and air ducting positioning to accommodate for different facial features and the use of optical aids such as loupes and prescription lens glasses.

Get more out of your role by using respiratory protection that supports, not restricts you.

Product Details

Properties Includes:
T200 Respirator with Full Hood w/Internal Face Seal,
Air Duct/Head Harness Assembly,
04-831 PX5 Breathing TubeVery lightweight and comfortable to help protect the user better. It provides a wide viewing area to make your work easier.
Multi-adjustment to fit a wide range of users.
Characteristics Certified to EN 12941: 1998 +A2:2008
Certified to EN 166: 2001 1 F 3
Application Pharmaceutical/ Medical/Laboratory
Dust, Viruses, Bacteria and Gases depending on filter choice


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