Vent Filters

GVS Vent Filters are available with connectors 6-12 mm and are individually packaged either sterile or non-sterile.

These devices are available with PTFE membranes, Polypropylene housing, and 0.20µm or 0.45µm pore size.

Product Details

Properties GVS Vent filters are suitable for several applications:
Sterile venting of filling vessels and fermentation carboys, including culture vessels and CO2 incubators
Venting of holding tanks for sterile, distilled water and liquid culture media
Autoclave venting
In-line sterilization of and particulate removal from air and gases, such as sterilization of air for small fermenters
PTFE membrane and polypropylene housing have broad chemical resistance
Large surface area provides greater throughput and high air flow rate
Reusable and autoclavable
Hose barb connection inlet /outlet (6-12 mm)
Characteristics Membrane Materials & diameter hydrophobic PTFE reinforced with polypropylene, diameter 50 mm
Housing Polypropylene Ultrasonically welded
Filter Area 19.6 cm2
Air Flow Rate 27L and 32L /min@1bar
Maximum Operating Pressure 3.5 bar
Autoclave venting
In-line sterilization of and particulate removal from air and gases
Sterile filtration of non-aqueous fluids
Sterile venting
Size/ SKU/ Item Code VF50ANPPT002AC01 Vent Filter 50mm PTFE, 0.2µm, 100/PK Vent Filters

VF50ANPPT004AC01 Vent Filter 50mm PTFE, 0.45µm, 100/PK Vent Filters

VF50ASPPT002AX01 Vent Filter 50mm PTFE, 0.2µm, Sterile 10/PK Vent Filters

VF50ASPPT004AX01 Vent Filter 50mm PTFE, 0.45µm, Sterile 10/PK Vent Filters


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