Vents Disc Shape

Disc filters manufactured by GVS are especially dedicated to the infusion market but they can easily meet the requirements of many other applications.


The most relevant are:
– disc filter for IV drip chambers 
– air vent for bags/containers 
– liquid filters for general purpose applications 

Product Details

All the GVS disc filters are manufactured with automatic over-molding technology that guarantees superior quality in manufacturing parts with high cavity molds.
The several models listed below enable customers to find the suitable product for their application. The wide range of available media (PA 6.6 and PE mesh and hydrophilic / hydrophobic membranes) provide high flexibility and covers many requirements of the market.
Thanks to the wide choice of sizes and the wide variety of materials and media used, GVS disc filters are compatible with most existing or new devices.
Available mesh sizes are from 1 to 500 µm as well as membranes are available from 0.02 µm.
Efficiency of Filtration: 100%
Maximum Operating Temperature: 50°C
Pyrogenicity in EU/ml: <0.25
Size/ SKU/ Item Code
FD106ATEKG030B00 Disc Filter FD106, White ABS, Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane 3µm
FD106ATEKG050B00 Disc Filter FD106, White ABS, Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane 5µm



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